State of Michigan Scholarships

Michigan Scholarships

If you are a Michigan resident or attending college in the state of Michigan, and looking to fund your education, there are state of Michigan scholarships available to help you. If you conduct scholarship searches online you can find additional information by doing a search on Michigan scholarships.


One such search engine to get you started on your Michigan scholarship search is Michigan Scholarships Online. It is a search engine in which a current or prospective student creates an account through the website and researches information on Michigan’s Competitive Scholarships, Tuition Grants, and Post Secondary Access Student Scholarship programs. It also gives financial aid workers in colleges’ access to records for students who are enrolled or applying to Michigan Competitive Scholarship and Michigan Tuition Grant programs.

So what is the Michigan Competitive Scholarship Program?
The Michigan Competitive Scholarship Program is a program funded on financial need and academic merit. Students that are enrolled in this program can use their funds in private and public universities and colleges. In order to qualify, the student must take the ACT test before they start applying to their college of choice. The awards for the Michigan Competitive Scholarship Program range from $600 – $1,500 per academic year at a Michigan college or university. They are only restricted to helping with payment for tuition and any mandatory fees for their program of choice. The number of this kind of award given out is undetermined; however, at least one person from all participating colleges receives it. If you are looking for a deadline, it will vary depending on which college or university you plan on attending and what that school’s requirements are. In order to be given the highest priority, students must file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form by March 1 and renew it to keep their eligibility up to date.

Guy M. Wilson Scholarship
The Guy M. Wilson Scholarship is awarded to those students who are graduates of Michigan high schools and have an honorable veteran as a parent or grandparent. The deadline for the Guy M. Wilson Scholarship is annually on January 17 of each year. Sponsored by the American Legion of Michigan, this scholarship awards $500 based on a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, financial need, proof of grandparents or parents military service record and an essay from the student about their goals and intentions for their future and the money they are awarded. To date the number of scholarships given is undetermined and it depends on how many applicants apply.

Michigan Business and Professional Women’s Foundation Educational Scholarship
The Michigan Business and Professional Women’s Foundation offers an Educational Scholarship for those requesting funds to further their education as a college student or post-graduate college. In order to be eligible and to be considered, the student/applicant must submit their application online via email or snail mail along with an essay discussing their background, leadership roles and how education will enhance their career, community involvement and its impact on others, awards they may have received in their life, the career intent and goals, and the best possible argument as to why an award should be given. The deadline for submission is the end of January for each year. The amount awarded depends on the need (which is any amount requested and granted). The number of people who have been given this award has increased in demand due to economic troubles due to many students looking to continue on with their education.

Rosa L. Parks Scholarship
The Rosa L. Parks Scholarship is given annually to those high school seniors who hold true to the philosophy of Rosa Parks while showing their community involvement, academic scholastics, and financial need. In order to qualify, a Michigan high school senior with G.P.A. 2.5 or higher. Applications should be submitted by March 01 of each year and can only be applied to once. The monies amount to at least $2,000. More than 800 high school seniors have been awarded each year annually. This makes an outstanding state scholarship for Michigan students. In fact any of the above are top state of Michigan scholarships which every student interested in attending college in MI should apply to.

Scholarships by State of Alabama

Scholarships by State of Alabama
Scholarships by State of Alabama

Various Alabama scholarships offered by the state students can pick from about 80 universities and colleges and benefit from important Alabama student financial aid. When the time comes for students to pick a university or college, whether it’d be private or community college, it’s best to narrow down options and see which educational institutions would suit a student best by state. One of the first educational institutions that was built nearly two hundred years ago, in 1831, is the University of Alabama located in Birmingham. On the other hand, the Auburn University is one of the most reputable educational institutions in the state of Alabama, while Troy University is the one that has the highest numbers with regard to enrollment, over 25,000 students, and approximately 18,500 representing the number of undergrad population.

Getting Educational Financial Aid in the State of Alabama

Students who think about studying in Alabama have various options when it comes to financial aid. Scholarships in Alabama are offered by the federal government and any student can fill out an application form called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA). Nonetheless, apart from the FASFA, students can also benefit from other types of financial aid which aren’t necessarily given for excellent academic achievements or merits and that aren’t considered gifts, thus have to be paid back, unlike scholarships.

Alabama financial aid for educational purposes can take various forms. Students can get fellowships, which are grants or scholarships given to graduate and undergraduate students in universities and colleges. Students can look for college loans, which have to be paid back by the student. Student grants, on the other hand, are similar to scholarships since they are considered gifts which don’t need to be paid back. Waivers are also available and through them a student is allowed to attend school without paying fees or tuition.

Scholarships in Alabama and Working Your Way through School

For students who want to work, there are two types of financial aid available: that of work study and another one called the conversion/scholarship loan. For the first, the student gets enrolled into a program that provides them jobs which would help pay the school costs partially. The second one offers Alabama scholarships to students which only have to be paid back through services offered for a certain time period; very similar to volunteering. For example, a student can get a scholarship and ‘pay’ for it by working as a teacher or a nurse for a certain time; if the student fails to provide the services he or she signed up for when getting the scholarship, then the scholarship will become a loan which will not only need to be paid back in full, but also with interest.

The first step a student needs to make in order to get an Alabama state scholarship is to apply for colleges or universities of his or her choice. Once this is done and the student gets the acceptance letter, the next step is to contact the financial aid of that particular institution. Each institution has different types of financial aid available for students and the general deadline for applications in Alabama colleges and universities is June 30, but this may vary depending on each institution.

Scholarships by State of Alabama

The Alabama Teacher Recruitment Incentive Program (ATRIP) is one of the most popular scholarships in the state and is addressed towards students who consider a teaching career. Through this program, one hundred 4-year Alabama state scholarships, amounting $20,000 each, are awarded each year to high school seniors. Moreover, other scholarships are also available for professionals who seek a career in teaching and want to get a degree. In order to get an ATRIP scholarship, a student needs to not only have good grades in critical teaching areas such as English Language of Arts, Special Education, Math and General Science, but also qualify from a financial needs point of view.

The Alabama GI Dependents’ Educational Benefit Program is offered to students who are either spouses or children of Alabama veterans with disabilities. Through this financial aid program, a student can take care of tuition, other school fees and book-costs. This Alabama scholarship is only available for students attending post-secondary institutions and who are undergrads. Students who want to fill out an application form can obtain one from the Alabama State Department of Veterans Affairs, while keeping in mind that this Alabama scholarship isn’t available for students in private schools.

The Alabama Student Assistance Program is yet another option offered by the state which can partially help out with educational costs. This Alabama grant can be provided to Alabama residents on a yearly basis for academic purposes and usually amounts between $300 and $2,500. The best thing is that this program is accepted in 80 Alabama colleges and universities.

Special Alabama Scholarship Programs

Apart from the sources of financing presented above, there are other scholarships in Alabama addressed towards adult students and American Indians. The Senior Adult Scholarship Program is offered to students over the age of 60 who attend 2-year post-secondary educational institutions. Through this program the entire cost of the tuition is waivered at any post-secondary institution in Alabama.

On the other hand, the Alabama Indian Affairs Commission Scholarship is for American-Indian undergrads in need of financial aid for educational purposes. However, students need to be members of the seven tribes recognized by the federal government in order to benefit from this Alabama scholarship. Students who want to learn more about this program and get an application form need to contact the Alabama Indian Affairs Commission based in Montgomery.

Students who wish to study in Alabama have a great variety of options available. However, in order to make sure that a student qualifies for a particular program, the financial office of each institution should be contacted. Alabama scholarships and grants are of great help for the students who need them, so if you want to learn more about these programs, check out the resources links provided below.

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